Rewrite-Edit-Typewritten on old courier typewriter
Beautiful Indian student stands out from her peers


That’s what you want in an editor — especially when you’re writing a high-stakes document.

If you need to make a strong impression and stand out from your competition; if you’re working on a document that could determine the success of your business or the course of your professional life, then investing in a professional editor with a nuanced understanding of language, marketing, and audience response will return many times its original cost.

DENISE-K | CREATIVE editorial services include:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading

The range of documents we work on is limitless, but we have particular expertise with:

  • College, Graduate School, and Medical School Applications
  • Medical Residency Statements
  • Papers and Theses 

Please contact DENISE-K | CREATIVE for editorial samples. As a matter of policy, we do not exhibit samples of editorial work in our online portfolio.

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