We do not publish the names of private individuals who retain our services. Organizational clients are listed below.

  • ALS Therapy Development Foundation (Boston)
  • American Marketing Association (Boston)
  • Architects for Society (Boston)
  • Carlyle Brown & Company (Minneapolis)
  • Center For Women & Enterprise (Boston)
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Medical Security (Boston)
  • Filippini Properties (Long Beach, CA)
  • FairTest (Cambridge, MA)
  • Gage Facilitation (Camarillo, CA)
  • (The) Green Roundtable (Boston)
  • Lost River, LLC 
  • Parents Helping Parents (Boston)
  • Pillsbury House + Theater (Minneapolis)
  • (The) Rainbow Health Coalition (Minneapolis)
  • Residency Statement (San Diego)
  • Solomon Admissions Consulting (NYC)
  • Vision Care Services West (LA)


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